There are many ways to take part in the struggle and we encourage you to consider getting involved in whatever way you’re most comfortable with. Though this might likely mean doing work outside of our organization, we hope our resources can still be helpful in your like-minded efforts to promote a safer, more humane world.

For those of you who want to get more direclty involved with Civilian Soldier Alliance, here are a couple of ways you can get plugged in and strengthen the cause.

1. Please feel free to donate to our collective’s efforts! Civilian Soldier Alliance is an all-volunteer organization, meaning that all of our actions, and all of our cumulative work has come out of our own pockets. Like many individuals committed to the cause, most of us are strapped for cash despite holding down meager 9-5s. Your contribution, no matter the amount, will go a large way towards funding CivSol efforts from Portland to Philly!

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2. Check out our calendar for events in your area. Currently we are active in Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, and San Francisco. Our Calendar has our upcoming local events posted which serve as great educational resources while also provide a space to meet our local organizers and get plugged in.

3. Contact us directly by emailing We are always looking for collaborative projects to mutually support, and we are strong believers that regular peeps like ourselves already have the passion and the critical thinking needed to offer alternatives to militarism. We encourage you to share your thoughts on our actions and the general military resistance movement!